Enhancing Customer Experience via Chatbots

I had the amazing opportunity to intern with the Unified Messaging Platform team at IBM for 10 weeks. My team and I worked closely to enhance customer experience via chatbots by specifically improving the IBM Blockchain chatbot.

IBM Performance and Programmatic Marketing Internship
May 2018 - August 2018

Marketing Platforms, Digital Business Group

Worked on:

Internal and external evaluation

  • Analyzed chatbot data of 1000+ user questions and bot responses to identify response inaccuracies, question-and-answer mismatches, and usability issues
  • Interviewed a variety of stakeholders to explore opportunities for expanding on and improving the current IBM Blockchain chatbot
  • Conducted competitive analysis on 10+ chatbots and chat modules to compile recommendations for the design and development teams

Chatbot improvements

  • Enhanced the Blockchain chatbot by revising bot responses and improving question-and-answer matching logic
  • Created new question categories for the Blockchain chatbot to reflect user needs and new IBM Blockchain industries
  • Gathered four new training data sources to feed into the Blockchain chatbot
  • Proposed five new metrics for the chatbot to better measure marketing campaign effectiveness and chatbot performance
  • Designed two prototypes of new chatbot interfaces to enhance user experience
  • Created a best practices handbook to allow for more agile workflow regarding chatbot development processes

Project Management

  • Led a team with 4 other interns to develop our project scope and execute our assigned tasks
  • Created all of the slides for our presentations for executives and stakeholders